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The Whitest Kids U’ Know x

whitest kids u know arent even close to fucking around

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” ★”。*。 Senshis Princesses ~ Á Suivre Titles Cards 。* 。’.☆ ”


Again, based on the original (Princess Usagi) which appears at the end of each act, I made these titles cards. 

Clarification: Minako ´s dress looks different to others because I got it from a picture of the original manga.


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How to wear a knife strapped to your thigh with a garter like a fucking lady while managing not to slice yourself open because you were fool enough to carry an unsheathed weapon next to a squishy part of your body that moves when you walk.

  1. Get a garter from somewhere; this one is a sock garter from Sock Dreams, which means it’s made to stay the fuck up there.
  2. Get a fucking sheath for those sharp, pointy things and put them in the sheath. There’ll be a velcro loop at the top so that they won’t slide out if you hold the sheath upside down.
  3. Put the garter through the loop at the top meant for whatever you’re using to attach it to yourself. Attach it to yourself, adjusting for ease of grabbing. You don’t want to put it on your inner thigh because that is awkward as hell to get out. The only way you’d be able to get it out in a timely manner is if you attached the sheath upside down, at which point you’d need two garters to keep the sheath from tilting inward toward your other thigh.
  4. Oh no, now the sheath is hanging loosely and is going to make a weird pattern against your clothing. Tuck that shit into your stockings if you’re wearing them, or use another garter if you’re not.
  5. Pull your pencil skirt back down over the knife sheath. Adjust accordingly due to tightness of skirt and shape of sheath. Make sure you can get at it as quick as you want.
  6. People look at you really strangely if this is the knife you pull out when you want to cut your apple up.

Vital Information for your Everyday Life.

Excellent for the villain(ess) who’s prepared for everything.

I’ll also take a second to plug Aquatic Knives. Not only are they designed for quick ease of use, lightweight and waterproof, but they also usually come with rubber adjustable double-thigh-or-mid-calf sheath straps. I have one like this:

And the button on the top of the sheath means that it can be pulled out for quick use by pressing down on it, but it will stay rigidly in place otherwise. Aquatic knives are also a great knife to own because they’re almost always designed for wet conditions, which means that even if you have sweaty palms you’ll be sure to have excellent grip.

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All of my Figuarts! I just ordered Jupiter, she should be here soon! Then I’ll repose everyone.

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