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Ok I’m really obsessing but Kagerou Killers is the best, so I made up some headcanons around it. I also went to check on (some) of the murders they are based on and shit that is some creepy stuff. 

Basically in the kagerou killers au, the mekakushi dan consists of dangerous serial killers. I was gonna do all the KagePro characters but then I got lazy so I’m only doing the mekakushi dan geomenasai.

Also as of now i don’t really know if they should keep their eye power or not, or how they received them. This is probably not the most well thought out thing but I wanted to try anyways.

With references both from the serial killers and the original kagepro characters. uwu

also sorry for spelling errors!

WARNING! Do not read if you are sensitive!

Mekakushi Dan Serial Killer Member no. 0

Name: Ayano Tateyama

Serial Killer: Ellis Ruth

Prefered weapon/Way of killing: Gun

Speciality: Keeping the other members in check

Status: Retired from killing

Family?: Killed her father, after he had killed her mother. Ayano shot him as revenge. 

Background/Reason for killing: The trauma her father put upon her from she was a child later got her into killing. It was shortly after Ayano killed her father that she made the mekakushi-dan. Wanting to gather other serial killers. 

Other: -

Mekakushi Dan Serial Killer Memember no. 1

Name: Kido Tsubomi

Serial Killer: Jack The Ripper 

Prefered weapon/Way of killing: Cutting her victims open

Only kills for her own personal purposes.

Speciality: Hiding trails, or clues keep the police from suspecting her. Is a master mind when it comes to hiding. 

Status: As of now she is not active murderer, this may change in the future though. (she’s still a member)

Family?: Deceased after her father set the house on fire.

Background/Reason for killing: Has always been treated badly in her family. When her fathers company went bankrupt he set the whole house on fire. Kido was the only one who survived. Since she hates her father she wants to kill anyone associated with him. Her very first victim was her own mother. 

Other: still tsundere

Mekakushi Dan Serial Killer Member No. 2

Name: Seto Kousuke

Serial Killer: Killer Clown

Prefered weapon/Way of Killing: Knives. 

His prefered victims are young males.

Speciality: Owning peoples trust before he kills them. AKA tricking people. Also often dresses up for karnevals to attract younger children.

Status: Currently active

Family?: Was treated really bady especially by his father. Was later abandoned for an unkown reason. Spent his life as an orphan for the longest time and was bullied.

Background/Reason for killing: Kills for the fun of it. Kills because of the trauma he experienced as a child.

Other: Actually adores animals but doesn’t want to admit it to anyone. Is probably one of the friendliest members in the mekakushi dan. Unbelieveable right?

Mekakushi Dan Serial Killer Member no. 3

Name: Kano Shuuya

Serial Killer: Ed Gein 

Prefered weapon/Way of killing: Guns. Also likes to play with the corpses after their death. Dressing them up and talking to them. He goes after women who represents his mother. 

Speciality: Disguises

Status: Active

Family?: Lived with his very religious mother. She abused Kano a lot, she was stabbed to death. (actually not kano’s work) 

Background/Reason for killing: Kills because of the trauma he experienced as a child. (Has an obsession with his mom.)

Other: -

Mekakushi Dan Serial Killer Member no. 4

Name: Mary Kozakura

Serial Killer: Lizzie Borden

Prefered weapon/Way of killing: A hatchet

Speciality: Appears to be less dangerous than she really is. Her abilities, expect hatchet, remains unknown.

Status: Unactive/Kills whoever people tell her to.

Family?: Was raised by her father and step mother. Mary never met her real mother, she only knew that her steps mother didn’t share Mary’s blood. Mary later on killed her parents. (father and step mother.)

Background/Reason for killing: Marys reason for having killed them is unknown. (It is suspected she hated her step mother.) After she killed them she fled and didn’t really have anywhere to go. That’s when she was found by Seto, who took a liking to her. Most memember regard Mary as weak and if it wasn’t for Seto she’d probably be kicked out already. (But as said there is more to her than meets the eye.)

She later found out more about her real mother… But more on that later.


Mekakushi Dan Serial Killer Member no. 5

Name: Momo Kisaragi

Serial Killer: Jason Voorhes

Prefered weapon/Way of killing: Chainsaw, also wears a mask.

Speciality: Making people like her, singing and dancing. Is an idol but she’s rather clumsy.

Status: Active

Family?: Her father drowned when she was a child, Momo almost drowned with him. Has an elder brother named Shintaro.

Background/Reason for killing: Kills for the fun of it. Is an idol on daytime and serial killer at night time. (Whoa how do you do that Momo)

Also goes wild on friday 13 uhuhu.

Other: -

Mekakushi Dan Serial Killer Member no. 6

Name: Ene

Serial Killer: Chessboard killer

Prefered weapon/Way of killing: Hammer, gets her victims drunk before killing them from behind.

Speciality: Is great at playing chess and games. Tricking people.

Status: Active

Family?: Unknown

Background/Reason for killing: She had another identity before but got a new one because the coops were getting onto her. 

Other: Probably yandere

Mekakushi Dan Serial Killer Member no. 7

Name: Shintaro Kisaragi

Serial Killer: The Yorkshire Ripper

Prefered weapon/Way of killing: By hitting his victims with whatever, fists, baseball bate, hammer etc. Kills because of orders.

Speciality: Is extremely smart.

Status: Active

Family?: Little sister Momo, father who died when he was little. 

Background/Reason for killing: He dropped out of school and came in contact with Ayano. He later found out about the mekakushi-dan and that his sister was in it. Because Shintaro took a liking to Ayano, and wanted to protect Momo, he joined the group.

Other: Ene bugs him a lot.

Mekakushi Dan Serial Killer Member no. 8

Name: HIbiya Amamiya

Serial Killer: Teacup Poisoner

Prefered weapon/Way of killing: Poison

Speciality: Chemistry, poison, poison, poison, and more poison.

Status: Active. 

Family?: All poisoned to death

Background/Reason for killing: Chemistry. ok for the fun of it and because he likes poison. Spent a time at the hospital after a car accident. Which killed his friend and partner Asahina Hiyori.

Other: Has forbidden entrance to the kitchen

Mekakushi Dan Serial Killer Member Member no. 9

Name: Konoha

Serial Killer: Leather Face

Prefered weapon/Way of killing: Chainsaw!!

Speciality:  ???

Status: Active

Family?: ???

Background/Reason for killing: Used to be great friends with Ene as her former identity; Takane. He was then known as Haruka. Because of uknown reasons Haruka had a memory loss and change of appearance.

Other: -

Maybe I’ll do the others later uwu.

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